Sucking on pennies

After getting my prescription for Levaquin from my doctor, I googled it and it said concerning breastfeeding that Levaquin was “untested but generally considered safe.” A level L3 on a breastfeeding safety scale from L1 (well tested and totally safe, like Tylenol) to L5 (major no-no, like cocaine – yes, cocaine being the example the pediatric nurse gave me! I didn’t know you needed to classify cocaine on any breastfeeding scale of safety, but I guess someone needed to see it on the list to believe it!). Anyway, I called the pediatric office to confirm how worried I should be about Levaquin, and the nurse wasn’t too happy about it. She suggested Baixin, another penicillin free antibiotic, that was generally considered much safer. She said Biaxin was an L1, but online it said L2. Either way, it’s better than L3 so I got my doctor to switch the prescription for me.

A very pleasant side effect of Biaxin is that it makes your mouth taste like metal. I feel like I’ve been sucking on pennies all day! The bad tastes goes away while I eat, so I’m guessing I will eat often in the next 7 days!

Ok, this next section is about breastfeeding (more so than what was already covered in the previous section) so if you don’t want too much information I suggest you leave now.

Ok, only women remaining?

I lost my breastpump!!! I leave it under my desk at work always, and yesterday morning when I got to work it was missing! I went back home during my lunch break to look for it just in case I unconsciously brought it home… Nope, it was not at home either! Nowhere to be found. What the hell?! I’m having a hard time believing someone would steal a breastpump, but it’s just gone. I am still pumping twice a day at work, thankfully I also had a super cheap manual “just in case” pump that I can use right now. I have absolutely no plans to continue breastfeeding past 1 year, but that’s still 2 months and some weeks away. Lately I’ve been thinking to continue breastfeeding until Gabrielle stopped feeding at night (cause who wants to go thru the trouble of waiting for a bottle to warm up in the middle of the night) or until 1 year, whichever came first. Now I’m wondering if this missing pump should be a reason the stop breastfeeding now. No way I’m spending $300+ on a new pump to use for 2 months, 3 max. But the hand pump is a pain in the butt (and cramp in the hand!) to use frequently. I’m considering maybe just quitting pumping all together and just keep the evening/night/morning feedings, although I’m worried with so little use that my supply would dry up altogether. Sigh, what an untimely event, 2 more months and I would have been happily done! I want to be done SO bad, but I still feel to guilty (and also too lazy) to stop. What to do, what to do?


One thought on “Sucking on pennies

  1. Who steals someone’s breast pump??? SERIOUSLY. Do you still have the tubing and all that? I can mail you my pump part if you want to borrow it.
    Also, I bet you could pick up a used Medela for cheap on Craigslist. I remember seeing them for like $50.

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