This morning we went to the park!

Gabrielle loves the swing, but she’s also starting to enjoy to play structures too. She goes down the slide on the toddler structure on my lap (daddy doesn’t fit!) and down the big kids slide on daddy’s lap!

She’s still been congested from her cold that started last weekend, but suddenly this afternoon after an unusually long nap, she woke up cranky with a fever. Her final top incisor is breaking skin today so that’s probably why, but we’ll try to get her to the doc tomorrow morning just in case it’s another ear and sinus infection. Maybe she just wants more of that banana flavored syrup.

I made some chili for dinner, yum yum, and my mom stopped by with leftover cheesecake and girl scout cookies. Thankfully she also brought blueberries, otherwise I would have gotten the impression she’s trying to kill me! Just kidding, I am putting Gabrielle to sleep now, then I will definitively enjoy a piece of cheesecake.

Hum, starting the healthy diet again tomorrow? Yes. But the good part is, while I didn’t make the healthiest meals last week, I did cook dinner at home almost every night… Like an adult! That’s a good start at least.

Talking about food, I’m working really hard on introducing chunks of real food to Gabi. She’s not real fond of the slimy stuff like bananas, but she loves bread! She had some rice too last night, she wasn’t happy unless every grain was off her table, not that all of them made it to her mouth!


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