When I took Friday off over a week ago, I had planned to get me and Gabrielle passports. Upon reading the instructions more carefully that morning, I realized both parents needed to be present to get a passport for a child. Annoying, but it kind of makes sense. But that day I did do step 1: getting Gabrielle’s birth certificate. Apparently they don’t automatically give you one anymore, only if you request it at hall of records. Thankfully in Santa Barbara with it’s gorgeous courthouse, that was more of a fun touristy activity than a painful errand.

Today was passport day. The very painful errand part. Since both her and my passport are new applications (not renewals), we had to apply in person, not by mail. So we went at the USPS passport office to apply as soon as they opened today at 10am. Chris thought it would be busy, but I argued that no one would be at the post office on a Saturday morning 10am.

I. Was. Wrong. So so wrong.

We had to wait over an hour in line! Granted we took turns waiting in line while the other played with the baby around the post office… But you try to entertain a hyperactive baby in a post office for an hour and a half and get back to me. Very painful. She did very well all things considered, it could have been a hundred times worst. In retrospect, she was probably more patient than me!

Anyway, I just had to show you our passport pictures. Mine is super lame, as all government-issued pictures are, but look at Gabrielle!

Ha ha ha, looks like a mugshot! “Whatever they say I did, I didn’t do it! I’m innocent!” Man, she looks like she got caught red-handed, like a raccoon going through trash. “I was not chewing that other kid’s toy!” Priceless.

We went downtown this afternoon and Gabrielle walked tons! Not by herself, Chris was holding one hand and I was holding the other. It was so comfortable because we didn’t even need to lean over to reach her hands. She walked so steady. So we walked like that, the three of us holding hands, for a good whole city block. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot to us, but that’s a lot of mileage for those baby legs! You should have seen her when we got home for dinner, she could not stand up at all anymore, her legs were like jello!


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