My daughter the trouble maker

Gabrielle was back at Kim’s Thursday afternoon for another 3-hour daycare practice session. She was good for about 1.5 hour. That’s a 30 minute improvement over her last 3 hour stay on Monday. Hurray! On Monday she passed out as soon as we drove out of Kim’s parking lot, she was exhausted. Yesterday she was totally fine until her normal bedtime. Looks like we might survive this transition!

Kim mentioned that she was afraid the toddlers would hurt poor little Gabrielle. How long do you think Kim held on to that image of my daughter, a poor little fragile baby? Gabrielle was using those toddlers like her own private jungle gym!

My mom brought her to music class this morning. All the baby girls with hats and bows in their hair finished the class with no hats and no bows in their hair, thanks to who? Gabzilla strikes again!

Oh, and those of you who had a hard time changing her diaper in January. I was having such a hard time changing her diaper these days that I googled it. Turns out a lot of parents face the same problem… with their 18 months old. Something about asserting their independence, being ready for toilet training, etc. Well I don’t think we’re quite at toilet training yet so I skipped to the next advice on the list. Sit on the floor,  lay her on her back on the floor facing you, then hold her shoulders down with your feet!! Sounds barbaric right? I thought so too, but it’s the only way I can change her diaper by myself anymore!

So much for hoping she’d get Chris’ calm disposition… Of course, we’ve known she would be a piece of work since she wiggled out of her diaper as a newborn, but I was still holding on to a shred of hope. That shred is gone. Poof!


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