Tough day

Gabrielle went to Kim’s last week (Tuesday-Thursday) for 30 minutes to one hour at a time and she did fabulous. Today my mom left her there at 2:30 and I pick her up on my way home around 5:15. Kim said Gabrielle did well for the first hour, but after that she went to the front door like “this was fun guys but I’m ready to go home now kthnxbye.” And as you can imagine, she was not too happy about the two hours following that. She refused to drink a bottle from Kim and she cried a lot, but she at least calmed down when they went outside. When I got there she was not crying, but she did start crying when she saw me like “oh thank god yes pick me up, I’ve been waiting by the door for 2 hours!” She passed out after about 8 seconds in the car, poor thing was exhausted. Keeping up with those toddlers is hard work!

Gabrielle also has a little congestion because she is popping out another tooth. Again. It is her second middle top incisor, and those just seem to hurt more than the others. This did not help matters today, I’m sure. But anyway, we’ll do 2:30-5:30 every day this week, then assuming she gets better we will move on to half-days next week. Slow and easy. Well, slow at least.


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