A 9 month birthday gift?

Well my niece gave all of us quite a scare Thursday. She was doing so good that the doctor decided to take out the drainage tubes they had put in her lungs 2 weeks ago to suck out the puss, but there were a few complications and her vital signs went haywire. Finally though, they found a way to make her stable and she’s actually done pretty well this weekend, all things considered. On the latest xray, her right lung was completely clear of pneumonia! She still has some pneumonia in her left lung and also RSV, but hey, there’s progress!! She’s even doing well enough tonight to resume lowering levels and slowly weaning away from her heavy machinery. Now we are hoping that the holes will heal soon and well. Tell you what, Molly, you better get well soon cause it’s girl scout cookie season!!!

This afternoon, I was telling Chris how I ate too much this week and want to really focus on eating healthier starting now. Then we go to the grocery store to buy healthy stuff to make a healthy dinner and what do I see?! Girl scouts. Selling their evilly delicious cookies. Ok, change of plans, eating healthy starts TOMORROW. And yes, I will eat my whole box of cookies in one day, leave me alone. I only bought ONE box though, it ends here and now.

It is Gabrielle’s 9 month birthday tomorrow. Chris suggested celebrating with cake but I shot that idea down. He is no help. Regardless of how we choose to celebrate, it looks like we might be celebrating more than just her 9 months of life… Right before putting her to bed tonight, Gabrielle took a step! We can’t wait until she wakes up tomorrow morning to test how well she does when she’s not tired. Gabrielle, “we can’t wait” is not an invitation to wake up at 5am, we can wait until 6am thank you very much.


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