Long time no see

I haven’t blogged and here’s why: My niece Molly has been very ill with pneumonia and RSV. She’s been in the hospital for 10 days now and I speak for my entire family when I say that we’ve all been holding our proverbial breathes hoping for good news. There has been good news and bad news every day. And while I’ve had a ton of stories I’ve been wanting to write about us and Gabrielle, it just didn’t feel right to write happy stuff. Not while that little girl we know and love was fighting so hard for her life.

I’m writing now because there has been more good news than bad news this weekend, and I don’t know if it’s safe to say she’s turned a corner but that’s sort of the feeling I’m getting. The doctors are scaling back things, always a good sign. I feel like I can finally share my happy stories, because I feel happy. Well maybe happy is a strong word. I feel less worried! I guess you can say I’m happy about the progress Molly has made this weekend.

So now you are curious about the happy stories? I don’t even know where to start.

1. Daycare. We visited a lot of places. Oh man, how much complaining I could do about some of them. Yuck!! But in the end, we found a great lady who watches 3 toddlers in her home and we decided to go with her. She used to be a teacher in a private Montessori school in SB but she got tired of school politics and decided to start her own at-home daycare instead. She’s been watching the toddlers since they’ve been 3 months old, they are now 18 months old.

We ended up choosing her because A) she SPEAKS to the kids, you have NO IDEA how many places I’ve visited where NO ONE speaks to the babies! And B) we brought Gabrielle to the initial meeting and she LOVED the toddlers!!! In a lot of ways I feel Gabrielle is already a toddler. She is so active, she will fit right in!

Anyway, Gabrielle starts tomorrow! My mom will bring her for a little bit at a time and hang out with her there. Then slowly leave her for little bits longer. That’s the plan for this week. After that, we will play it by ear!

2. Gabrielle says “bye bye”! For real! Chris didn’t believe me, but today he heard her say it as I left. He is a believer now! She also waves hello and goodbye. She waves hello to the cats when they walk by her, I could die from such cuteness! She does kind of say “mama” too, but it’s not as clear and she doesn’t use it just for me. I think she thinks “mama” is a generic term for “I need help”! She just calls “mama” when she’s stuck, whether she’s with me or my mom or Chris!

3. Today was a holiday. I spent the whole day alone with Gabrielle, such a treat! I love spending the weekends with the 3 of us as a family, but it’s also special to have a day alone with her too. Like having on our own girls’ day! We played at home in the morning, met some friends at the zoo in the afternoon, then Chris came home early so I could get a haircut.

4. I got a haircut! Last time I got a haircut (in October, yikes!) I told my stylist that I wanted to grow my hair out. Being a mom, suddenly I did NOT want the mommy haircut. But it takes such a long time to blowdry the long hair, I admitted to the stylist today that I think I need the mommy haircut afterall! She laughed and said there’s a reason why it’s the mommy haircut! I think she cut off a small animal from my head, it feels wonderful!

5. About the daycare, I forgot to mention, the lady runs it only Monday-Thursday. We’re stuck covering Fridays ourselves. So far the tentative plan is that we can split Friday duties between me, Chris and my mom. My mom will still want to come see Gabrielle every once in a while after she moves back home. My boss accepted to let me take some Fridays off. And Chris thinks his current post-graduation job will be flexible enough to let him switch a Friday for a Saturday every few weeks. I am VERY excited to get a day off with Gabrielle at least once a month!

6. Gabrielle had her 9 month check-up last Friday. It was her last day of antibiotics for her ear infection, so it was a great opportunity to make sure her ears were all cleared up, they are! She is now almost exactly 20 pounds and 27 3/4 inches long. That’s about 70th percentile for weight and height, and her head is at 50th percentile. The doctor said that if we encourage her when she says “ma ma ma ma ma” that her first word will probably be mama. I didn’t want to brag about the fact that she already says “bye bye”! No, I save the bragging for this blog. You lucky readers!

Ok shoot, I better stop writing and go to bed, it’s getting late. I had to make up for all those times I wanted to write but didn’t because I was too worried about Molly to focus on writing (or much of anything else!). Please keep sending all your good wishes out to her, we may have gotten good news recently but she still has a long recovery ahead. We love you Molly, stay strong!!! We are proud of you for being so brave!


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