About a cranky baby

Poor Gabrielle was having a really tough time getting rid of a cold, as in she was not getting rid of it at all. We brought her to the doctor this morning and she has an ear infection. He gave her antibiotics (her first real medication!) which will also help her sinuses seeing as she probably has a sinus infection too. Knock two birds with one stone, I like it.

So yeah. Sick baby. Fun.

We visited one place for childcare yesterday. It was a lady in her mid-fourties, she watches one baby right now during the day when her daughters (grade school age) are in school. She was really super and the fact that Gabrielle would be with just one other baby is great. We really liked her. But the lady follows the school calendar, i.e. she wants summer and all holidays off, and she only does Monday-Thursday 7:30-3:45. That leaves us scrambling for an alternate solution for late afternoons, Fridays, spring break, and summer. Not ideal. Another daycare visit is scheduled tomorrow, we will see.


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