Back to normal

I came back to my normal life Sunday afternoon. Saturday was absolutely priceless. The pedicure and massage were nice, but I was expecting the treatments to be the highlight of my day and they weren’t. The treatments were nice but to my surprise what I enjoyed the most was lounging by the pool Saturday afternoon! I’m not typically a lounging by the pool kind of person, but it was exactly what I needed. Talking with friends, sitting in the shade, being outdoors, and simply NOT doing anything. What a treat!

Here are pictures of the hotel’s 3 pools!

What I was looking forward to the most was a glass of wine over dinner, and that was really nice. We went to LG’s Steakhouse and I had the best steak in my life. I am not kidding, if you go to Palm Springs, you have to go there and get a filet mignon. Best ever. So yeah, I was trying to remind myself I didn’t need to eat fast, but the food was so good that I cleaned my plate before anyone else got half-way thru theirs. Oops!

After dinner we all put our PJs on and played baby showers games. I’ve heard a lot of bad rep about shower games, but these were actually pretty fun!

We also had a nice long breakfast Sunday morning, but in the end I wished I could have somehow teleported home Saturday night after everyone went to bed. I missed Gabrielle!! I could not drive home fast enough!

Oh and as of Friday, she can say ma! She just goes “ma ma ma ma ma” over and over. But this morning, she was saying “mama” sometimes. Yeah!


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