At the spa!

Yes, I’m at the spa getting a manicure right now! As I type, a lady is trying fix my little helpless toenails! Is it rude to blog while being worked on? I guess if you can read a magazine, you can play with your phone, right?

Here’s a picture of a fountain by the villas (don’t worry, i didn’t spring in for a villa, I am sharing a normal hotel room), so pretty though.

All the girls came in last night and hit a lot of traffic through LA. Me at 6am? No traffic at all! If you tolerate getting up early, it’s so the best way to travel.

Next on the list? Lounging by the pool (it’s supposed to hit 80 degrees here!) and a massage at 3pm. I never had a professional massage in my life, I’m excited to try it out! I’ll have to tell her to tenderize my poor baby-beaten back. What? Tenderize is not an actual massaging term? Hum…

More pics later!


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