Wine and whine

1. Today I’m wearing my smallest pre-pregnancy jeans, a particularly small size 2! After I take them off, I think I will have every stitch imprinted in my skin for 3 days, but who cares, they (kinda) fit!

2. I have a girls’ weekend in Palm Springs this weekend! Chris was supposed to go to Mammoth with my dad and brother but now he is going to stay home to work on a paper. I think this specific project has been jinxed from the start (mysterious hardware problems and all) so he can’t afford to take time off after all. So I’ll be gone, he’ll be working, and my mom will watch Gabrielle. All I can think about is having a glass of wine with a nice relaxing dinner!

3. We are back to square one searching for daycare. I called a bunch of places yesterday and scheduled a few tours in the next couple of weeks. I hope we find something we feel comfortable with. Can I just say how much of a pain in the ass this is?! Calling, visiting, thinking, calculating, scheduling, ugh! I have a job already, thanks.

Tomorrow is Friday. Finally my glass of wine, huh I mean weekend is almost here!


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