8 months old today!

Our little baby is growing up so fast!

By the way, I decided not to join the band this semester. Had I been healthy, I would have gone. But being sick was a reminder – perhaps a good timely reminder – that many things are out of my control still (sleep, health, work, did I mention sleep?) and being reasonable about how much I can handle is, well, reasonable. It’s hard, in our superwoman soccer working do-it-all mom mentality, to accept when enough is enough. I feel lazy for admitting I can’t handle more right now!

I was really over the fence about it, but when Chris told me after dinner “if you’re not going tonight and you don’t need me home then I’ll go back to school,” then I realized we do have a lot going on with Chris giving school the final push this semester.

So next fall it is! But if next fall I say “I don’t know guys, maybe I won’t join this semester” then you all kick me in the butt, ok?!


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