Sorry about the videos post yesterday which was empty. I’ve been trying to upload a couple of videos on YouTube from my phone and it is repeatedly not working. When I can manage to put in some laptop time at home, I will try to fix it.

But anyway… Moving on to big news, i.e. the miracle: Gabrielle slept from 12:30am until 6:30am uninterrupted last night! She slept before 12:30 too and not super well at that, but nevertheless I haven’t gotten a 6-hour stretch of sleep in months! Oh man! I hope this new trend is here to stay! I’ve paid my dues, it’s time I get a little slack! I can’t stop using exclamation points, that’s how much sleep I had!!!

I’m not keeping my hopes up too high though, I can see not one but two top teeth about to break out. But even if this whole sleep thing ends up being a passing fad, I’m appreciating the break!


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