Why I’ve been blog absent

I’ve disappeared from blogging and I feel a little guilty about it. What happened is my in-laws are here for an extended period of time. No, wait, it’s not what you think, in-laws have no negative connotation in my world! I’m a lucky girl! That being said, hanging out with family more than usual consumes 100% of my quota for socialization/communication so I don’t feel like writing very much!

Nevertheless, it’s been so much fun having family in town, not to mention a huge help! My mom has been living in her own apartment in SB during the week for months, but she isn’t around on weekends and we’ve both been mindful of leaving each other alone on weeknights. I don’t want to submit her to more Gabrielle in the evenings being that she already watches her all day, and she tries to give us our alone family time. So having Chris’ parents in town is a little different dynamic than having my mom in town. Since they are only here for a limited amount of time (however extended it might be), we try to see them as much as possible. They have been super helpful: making us dinner many nights, watching Gabrielle sometimes to let us rest, and generally helping us entertain her with endless songs. We also took them out to a mini weekend trip to Monterey! It was a blast and Gabrielle noticed the fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium even more than last time.

So what’s new in Gabiville? She’s been pulling herself up to standing a lot, and in the past couple of days she really started “cruising” (walking while holding on to furniture). She keeps forgetting she can’t walk yet; often she’ll let go of the furniture, turn away from it, and just look like she’s gonna walk away until she realizes “oh crap, I don’t know how to do this!” then her eyes get real big and she falls down! Sometimes she can even stand unsupported a few seconds before falling down. I swear, it won’t be long before she can walk!

With our trip to Monterey we took her out to restaurants a lot and she’s starting to be so patient! She sits in a high chair and I bring her baby food to give her while we order. By the time our food comes she is done eating, but she’s usually happy watching people and playing with our straws and our spoons. Oh man, she loves chewing on spoons! It doesn’t mean she will allow unlimited lounging time at restaurants of course, we still have to shovel food in as fast as possible in order to finish our meals before she looses her composure. Sometimes she does loose it and then one of us has to take her out while the other finishes eating. But I think that’s still pretty good for a 7 month old baby!


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