Think global, act local

My new years resolution for 2011 is based on the old motto: Think global, act local.

A while back, we found on Netflix this TV reality show called “The Lazy Environmentalist”. Every episode, this environmentalist met new people who wanted to be more environmentally friendly but claimed they couldn’t because it was too much work or too expensive. For every subject, the lazy environmentalist guy would suggest 3 solutions of varying difficulty, labeled as lazy, lazier, and laziest. I would strongly recommend the show, it was full of great ideas and we learned a lot.

Getting back to the subject at hand, one of the episodes was about eating locally grown food and some people were featured for following the 100-mile diet. It means they eat strictly food produced or grown within 100 miles of their home. The obvious benefits are that you eat healthier, you support your local economy, and save tons on gas that would have been used to haul foreign foods to you. I’m always up for a challenge but even I can see “insanely difficult” written all over this one! I forget specifically what the 3 lazy alternatives were exactly but the main idea was that you can specify your own larger radius, hit up farmers’ markets, and/or simply choose produce grown in your state instead of produce grown elsewhere whenever that option is available.

I love me some bananas and I can never remember when farmers’ markets are scheduled, but even since I watched that show I have made the conscious decision to buy produce from California whenever possible. I guess that puts me in the “laziest” category, but at least I’m doing something!

My resolution is to take it up a notch. My first step: I signed up for a program at my local farm. You sign up for a season and pay in advance, then you go to the farm once a week to pick up your box containing a variety of freshly grown organic produce all season! The farm is near my work so I can easily swing by on the way home once a week. My winter season starts this month and I can’t wait to see what we get. There’s a strong possibility we will get a bunch of strange yucky veggies that will rot in the back of our fridge (kale anyone?), but I will try my best to use everything!

What is your resolution?


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