The loot

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all had a great special day. We had a special night last night, a special kind of bad. Gabrielle did not sleep at all, she kept waking up and was super gassy and upset. You know what happened though, I had a dessert last evening made with lots of whipped cream. I usually stay clear of milk and cream as I don’t digest it too well myself, but I made an exception and I think my exception was to blame for Gabrielle’s stomach problems last night. No more exceptions for me! Plus she is sick on top of that. Poor girl.

Anyway, Chris and I took shifts holding her and it was a long Christmas night, but at least we had Christmas morning to look forward to!

Gabrielle was totally overstimulated by all of it. I supposed the lack of sleep didn’t help, but she started the gift procedure in a good mood and finished it screaming. But that’s ok, she took a nap after we were done and enjoyed playing with her new toys this afternoon! She was also frustrated because the floor was covered with trash and boxes and gifts, all of which we weren’t letting her put in her mouth! I mean, how infuriating is that!!!

My mom took pictures of everyone Christmas morning so I’ll have to post those later when she uploads them. In the mean time, you get iphone pictures of the loot!

My new ring!

It’s hard to see in the pic but there’s a little emerald in each of the gaps. Cute, right? Only problem is when we picked it up last weekend after they sized it, I thought there was a little diamond missing in the band. I asked the lady about it and she checked and said it was there. She said the ring was round so the diamond sit at different angles and it was just shining differently. I have good eye sight, but I put on my best Christmas attitude and said “yeah, you’re probably right!” Well I should have insisted because I (and my mom and my brother) was looking at it this morning and it is definitively missing! If it was a ring handed down to me, the missing diamond wouldn’t bother me in the least, but it’s new and we paid good money for it so I guess we’ll be going to the store tomorrow to have it fixed. This probably means I won’t have it for a few more days maybe? Sad! Moving on…

I got a few pj pants, which I desperately needed. Invader Zim pjs pictured, plus a cute ninja tshirt!

Chris received a few clever tshirts:

Chris and I both got lots of geeky goodness:

There is a pacman mug (pacman and ghosts show up only when there is hot liquid in the mug, nifty!) for Chris. The smurf mug says “Genius at work” and I think we all know who it belongs to (me of course!). Ok, I may have bought for myself! Yes, very modest.

Gabrielle got a few outfits, a few toys:

Awesome hand puppets (owl, penguin, and moose pictured but there’s also a bear!):

And a cute backpack and lunchbox for Gabrielle to bring her stuff to daycare:

We received lots of other stuff that just doesn’t look super interesting in pictures, but that doesn’t make them any less cherished by us, let’s get that clear! Sheets, duvet, socks, work clothes, money, gift cards, etc… All the guys received helmets for skiing/snowboarding too to protect their noggins when they race each other down the slopes in Mammoth!

I gave Chris a giant gummy bear (actually Chris bought it for himself but I wrote on the gift that it was from me, clearly we are bad at buying each other gifts!) and possessed by some unexplained Christmas spirit he challenged himself to eating the whole head off in one bite. This gummy bear is bigger than my hand, so the head was the size of a small apple! We all watched, waiting anxiously to see if we’d have to use the Heimlich maneuver. We did not, thankfully, but I’m pretty sure his pupils were dilated from the sugar for the rest of the morning. It’s a safe bet he’ll never eat gummy bears again!

Anyway, thanks everyone for all the gifts and the warm wishes! We are spoiled and very thankful to be able to spend time with family.


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