Christmas eve

Happy Christmas eve!

The latest skill: Gabrielle will pull herself up from laying on her stomach to standing if you give her your hands as leverage. It is so cute! She won’t do it on furniture yet, but she’ll try to pull herself up using any prop that is about 4 inches off the ground. She can hold herself up in standing position in the crib or on furniture but she’s not 100% reliable yet, she does fall sometimes!

Oh, and little miss Gabrielle is looking chubbier! She has been feeding twice a night lately as opposed to her usual one feeding per night, and it is starting to show. Her wrists, hands and fingers look like sausage links (even more than before!) and her skin feels tight. I think someone is packing on the pounds in preparation for lots of walking in a few months! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could prepare for physical events by putting on lots of fat like babies… Maybe prepare for the Olympics by eating donuts?! Where so I sign up?

You know all that rain I was complaining about? Santa Barbara got 9 inches of rain in the last storm. NINE!!! I have some friends who are going skiing in Mammoth where they received 15 feet of snow. Wowzers!


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