It’s been raining for 4 straight days, oh the humanity! They say the worse part of the storm will start tonight, although I have yet to understand how it can possibly get worse than 4 consecutive days of rain.

My body gave up all hopes of a sunny sky and jumped the gun Sunday morning by embracing a sore throat. Now it’s a full cold, like that’s exactly what I needed, and I am working from home today. Again. That’s it, they might as well change my status permanently to telecommuter.

At least there is good news. 1. Winter solstice, baby! Days are only gonna get longer from here until June, hurray! 2. Four days until Christmas!

By the way, I am super lame. I did almost all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, but when did I ship all the gifts??? Yesterday morning. That’s right, all that planning yet my gifts will probably not make it on time! Smart. Real smart.


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