All together again

Chris finally arrived home last night at 11pm! It was an extensive day of traveling but it’s over and done. Phew!

Out here in SoCal, the weather report is telling us to expect SEVEN days of rain. In. A. Row. Wah!!! Knowing we wouldn’t have our usual entertainment arsenal (walking downtown, the beach, the park, the zoo) available to occupy Gabrielle, we made different plans for the weekend. Saturday at my parents’ house in Thousand Oaks (being stuck indoors in a big house is much easier than being stuck indoors in a small apartment!) and I think Sunday we will to go to the SB natural history museum.

While we were in Thousand Oaks today we decided to visit the mall. We only have open air malls in SB, but there is one in TO that is indoors so it was a good rainy day activity. Us and about 50% of the greater LA region agreed on that cause the mall was full. Anyway, we walked around while every one blabbered about how cute Gabrielle is, we spent a Gymboree gift card I’d been holding on to for a while, and we bought me a ring! I decided to keep my original and to get something smaller with an emerald for every day. I felt bad because the one I liked today was more money than I was expecting Chris to spend on my Christmas present, but he talked me into getting it. Because I never buy myself jewelry, because he never buys me jewelry, because it was worth it if I was going to wear it every day, because he was sick of looking like a cheap jerk with me wearing my cheap band. All of the reasons were mentioned, then the pushy sales guy was like “come on, let’s go get it sized for you” and oh fiiiine, I’ll take it! It is super cute but I won’t even try to describe it as I’m sure I’d do a terrible job of it. I’ll try to take pictures for you on Christmas day. Chris warned me I better wear this one though or it’s the last piece of jewelry he’ll ever buy me!

Talking about wedding rings, one of the guys from my work just came back from his wedding in India. I think I’ve mentioned before that most of the guys on my team are Indian. They are all pretty young, about my age, and I’ve seen them one at a time go off to India to get married. It is pretty interesting that arranged marriages are still so common not only there but also amongst the younger generations living in the US. Knowing our success rate at finding our own mates, I definitively don’t disagree with the arranged marriage practice. Maybe our parents are better at judging who is good for us than we are. Who knows. But it is still funny to hear them “go to India to get married,” they leave single and come back with a wife!

Anyway, this guy mentioned he had 1500 people at his wedding and I just about fell off my chair. I screamed “1500?!?!?!” and he goes “oh but that was for the ceremony, only 800 stayed for the reception.” ONLY 800?! Holy cow! I asked if that was a normal size for an Indian wedding and he said yes. I don’t think he understood why I was so impressed and I had to explain that an American wedding with more than 150 guests was considered pretty big. But I’ve received wedding invitations for weddings of the guys in our Pune (India) office that I’ve barely even met, so I take it it is customary to invite everyone you know and their cousin. With that many people, it must be a very festive event! I’m just glad cause every time someone goes to India they come back with Indian sweets. I used to not like them very much, but now I’m addicted! Love it!


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