Welcome back daddy

I avoid posting on the world wide web about Chris being gone while he is actually gone. Feels like an open invitation “hey, alone female, perfect target for your attacks, right here!” Then again, plenty of single females have blogs so maybe I shouldn’t worry so much. Anyway, point is, Chris was gone. He left for Quebec city Wednesday morning (on his birthday no less, yuck!), attended a conference all day Thursday, and is on his way back today. You hear that, bad guys, he’ll be back today so don’t even think about it!

Chris took FOUR flights to get there (SB to Phoenix, Phoenix to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Detroit, Detroit to Quebec). He’s got the same path coming back today. Insane right?! The whole thing cost more than flying to Japan! At least school will reimburse him so it doesn’t really matter, although I’m sure he wishes school could reimburse his time too! That’s a lot of traveling time for one day. He didn’t want to leave any longer though, he loves his favorite ladies too much! Anyway, he told me last night that everything went well, he’s made some great contacts, and enjoyed visiting Quebec city. It is a gorgeous town, albeit cold. It was around 10F during the day and near 0F at night while he was there! Even being from Ohio can’t prepare you for that!

I’m tracking his flights online and it looks like he’s already delayed one hour on flight #2. Will he make it to flights 3 and 4? Stay tuned and find out!


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