After missing a few Weigh In Tuesdays, I decided to weigh myself this morning.

There had been double stomach flu followed by ravenous eating as every cell in my body yelled “give me calories!” in unison.

There had been the growth spurt (a.k.a mommy loose spurt) also followed by a mommy “oh my gosh feed me” period.

There had been the sleepless period, and we all know a tired brain craves calories to replace lost sleep. You know how some patients who had a stroke wake up and they try to talk but the wrong words come out and the whole sentence sounds like non-sense? Well my tired brain was much like that. “Cheesecake chip brownie chocolate candy popcorn?” it said when it really meant to say “what do you want for dinner?”. “Pudding cookie cake fudge pie toffee crazy crazy!” it said when it meant “I think I need to eat some vegetables.” Oh, that tired brain, you silly you!

With all these ups and downs, I had no idea where I stood. But a trip on the wii fit this morning told me 127.5. Well hello 120s! Nice to see you again. It’s been a while, how have you been?

Anyway, 128 was the goal in my head where I would stop worrying about my weight and most importantly stop bothering you about it. I think being within 5 pounds if my original weight is good enough that I shouldn’t obsess about it anymore. I think we’re all within + or – 5 pounds away from our ideal weight and no one else is blabbering about it so why should I?!

This marks the end of the Weigh Ins! Another chapter done.


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