Money in the bank

Gabrielle is beginning to sleep again, hurray! Maybe that headache and those dark circles will start to fade now?

The jewelry store called me back again and offered me to get something that is 1.5 times the original price instead of double. 1.5 was the cutoff in my head that I would be willing to maybe consider, so now I’m hesitating again! I don’t know. In any case, it’s not high on my priority list of things to spend money on, so it probably won’t happen.

And talking of money, Gabrielle is SAVING us money. How, you wonder? Turns out being bored in Arianeland is very expensive and babies make you very not bored. Consequently we were able to put a large chunk of money in our house savings account this week. We jumped from having 26% of our goal down payment to 30%!!! Our original goal was very high (20% of a decent home) and at 30% of our original goal we’re starting to get into the realm of having enough saved for a smaller (but decent) down payment on a smaller home. We could even maybe start looking seriously now, but we both have hesitations about putting down roots in Santa Barbara. It is beautiful, we love it, and we don’t care for owning a large home. However, Santa Barbara doesn’t have the best career opportunities (limited number of high tech companies in the area) which is especially bad if one of us ever gets laid off. SB also doesn’t exactly have the most competitive salaries. It’s all things to think about before we invest in real estate here. I think we’ll wait and see what opportunities knock at our door when Chris graduates and go from there. Then again I talk a big game but it would really take one heck of a deal to convince us (me) to move out of SB. In the mean time, saving money is good!


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