Pics from grand-maman

Here are some pictures my mom took.


Ugh, why do I have the pigmentation of a cancer patient?! Way to look healthy Ariane! I was going to say I need some sun, but we’ve actually been spending a fair amount of time outside. Guess I just need some sleep!

All matchy in our Mammoth outfits!

With great grandma:


Gabrielle is finally sitting up on her own, took her long enough! That child just has no desire to stay in place!

See that evil baby that won’t let me sleep, doesn’t she just look evil? Ha, she doesn’t at all, darn her sweet sweet face, it’s impossible to be mad at her!

Oh I forgot to mention… I was feeling stuck in our routine so we went out for dinner at a sit-down restaurant on Saturday and also to IHOP Sunday morning cause I’d been wanting pancakes since my birthday but we hadn’t gotten around to it. It was our first sit-down restaurant experience with Gabrielle! We put her in a high chair and she did pretty good playing with straws and spoons. Chris took her outside while we waited for food because her patience level for the high chair is about 5 minutes. I sort of shoveled food in my mouth as soon as it came out so I’d be ready to handle her if she got impatient when Chris came back with her. In the end we didn’t really eat together. And the more I go on, the more I realize it sounds more like a failure than a success. But we were successful at not being those people with the screaming baby! Go us!


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