The aftermath

When I was done writing my last post, I was convinced I would keep my original wedding ring. Then later I thought about it and was almost convinced I should change it. We went back to the jewelry store and turns out their policy is that you can upgrade to a different ring of at least DOUBLE the value of the original. Chris spent a pretty penny on my ring and to double it? No thanks! I asked if there was some wiggle room with the whole “double” thing and there was not very much. I did peek at rings that were double the price out of curiosity and it’s just too big!!! It’s like “hi, here’s a stone the size of a planet.” It works out for the best in the end, I’m just not sure if I could part with the original anyway.

I think Gabrielle grew 5 inches last weekend and therefore I was up feeding her all night all weekend. Ok, to start the sleep deprivation story from the beginning… Remember when November rolled around and we started introducing formula in Gabrielle’s diet. Well that made her gassy. And cranky. And a horrible sleeper. I talked to her doctor a bunch of times, and yes I know I sounded like every single mother in the world complaining “my baby is gassy” and the doctor gave me the whole “well babies ARE gassy creatures by definition” speech. He told us sometimes babies go thru weird periods, and that she can’t really be lactose intolerant and to just push thru it. Finally after one month with symptoms getting worse and worse, Gabrielle started throwing up the formula all together (and I don’t mean spit-up) and my mom outright refused giving Gabrielle any more formula. So we switched to soy formula and voilà! Happy content sleeping baby!

We had three wonderful nights of sleep. Three. And then came the great growth spurt of December 2010. She hasn’t been sleeping so well (like at all) for the past few nights, her PJs that were fitting fine not two weeks ago are now way short, and I haven’t weighed her but I’m pretty sure she now weighs 50 pounds.

As a result, Chris and I haven’t felt rested since October. But I’m hopeful that after this growth spurt we will have sleep once more. Let’s just pray she doesn’t decide to grow a new tooth next week!


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