I scheduled Gabrielle’s first day at daycare. December 27th. I know she will be safe there, but I can’t help feeling terrified!

Besides a little anxiety about this upcoming change, I am actually really happy that she is starting daycare. My mom is doing a terrific job, but now that Gabrielle is a little older I think she will benefit from being around other kids. She loves kids when we see them (rarely) and maybe she can learn a thing or two from the bigger kids! I think she will love it there.

Ah, I feel like I’m sending her to her first day of school. My little baby is all grown up! I keep wanting to buy her a little backpack to bring her things to daycare daily. Then I have to remind myself that 1) she can’t carry a backpack yet and 2) she’s not starting school!

Anyway, I’m leaving you with pictures for today. Tomorrow is Friday, yeah!

(Aww man, I know everyone tells me they grow up so quickly and to enjoy every day, but I can’t wait to have a conversation with this child! Looking at these pictures, I feel like those eyes have a whirlwind of stories to tell and I want to hear them so badly!)


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