Still alive. Kinda.

Thankfully, stomach flu 2.0 went away as fast as it came. Maybe because this time I knew not to even try to eat anything other than toast and apple juice for a few days. And I got tons of help from my mom and Chris so I had a chance to actually rest. I felt much better by Saturday, and on Sunday I actually felt somewhat strong enough to go to the zoo in the morning and a birthday BBQ in the afternoon.

It was pretty funny at the zoo. It was their annual Snow Leopard Day, where they have snow for the kids to play with and snow for the animals too! I don’t know what I was expecting. Maybe I thought they would have a snow blower than made pretty snow fall everywhere. The reality: There was a little pile of hard compact wet melting snow in the cages that the animals very successfully ignored. Then there was a bigger pile of hard compact wet melting snow for the kids to play on. Coming from Canada and Ohio, we found the whole thing pretty comical. That was the saddest ugliest snow we’ve ever seen kids play with! But the kids were obviously having a blast and that’s what counts, right? We let Gabrielle touch the snow but she was not impressed. Attagirl.

Chris asked me if I felt any regret that Gabrielle was never going to grow up with snow. Ha ha ha ha, NO!!! Ha ha ha ha! Oh silly hubby.


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