6 months!

Remember this itty bitty little thing…

She is 6 months old today!

Can you believe it?! We certainly can’t!

Tell you what though, I was expecting to be more rested by now! Seems like there’s always something interrupting a good night of sleep… a growth spurt, a new tooth, etc. Last night she started a cold. Poor thing!

Thanksgiving has come and gone so I know you are all dying to find out if I bought all my Christmas presents. I made it for all but 2 people, but I know I will need to shop for them online so I think that’s pretty good. However, I will need to go out and shop for stocking stuffers which is the worst part cause I never know what to stuff them with! Stockings were never a part of my family traditions as a child, the first one I ever received was from Chris’ family. Since then we adopted it in my family too (cause heck, more gifts and they come IN A SOCK?! What’s not to love?!) but we’re still learning!

Let me tell you about Christmas stockings as an outsider still learning the tricks of the trade. There’s a fine line between filling them with small junk and filling them with small expensive things. But even worst is small expensive junk, which in my experience really represents 90% of the items marketed as stocking stuffers. Then there’s the stuff that you bought thinking it would fit in the stocking just to realize when you get home that it’s too big. Then you wake up Christmas morning with a mostly empty sock and a pile of slightly too big wrapped presents around it, like your sock got drunk and threw up Christmas everywhere. Rough night, sock, rough night.


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