I eat!

Saturday we went to my parents’ house because I had a dentist appointment. For lunch I had bread with a little bit of pastrami and that went down ok, so I requested my dad make lasagna for dinner. Holy mother of mercy, food!!! With Saturday being such success in the food/stomach mediation, today I really went to town. CPK for lunch with a kiwi italian soda and leftover lasagna for dinner with a Daily Grind muffin and latte for dessert. Carbs! Fat! Flavor! Sugar! I’m alive!

We walked from our apartment to all over downtown today late afternoon. It was freezing! The high today was 59. For those of you not good at math, that’s under 60! The HIGH! Under 6-0! Popsicle penguin tundra cold! I felt really bad for Gabrielle’s tiny little ice cold hands as we were walking home at 5pm, with the sun setting and the cold wind making her little nose all red. We had a blanket for her but did she accept it covering her precious must-grab-it-all hands? Of course not!

4 days until Thanksgiving and I have 3 people left to shop for… I know the suspense is killing you, will she make it?


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