The 6 month appointment

Gabrielle had her 6 month appointment this morning. She is 26 and a quarter inches (75th percentile), 16 pounds 6 ounces (~65th percentile), and her head size is a little under 50th. Big baby all around, but not super huge. I don’t know, I still think she looks so much bigger than all the other babies of the same age but maybe I just know small babies!

I had a doctor appointment of my own today. My stomach started acting up on Monday and it has just been getting worse and worse. As of yesterday, I can’t keep food or water in me so time for the doc! He was as helpful as I thought he would be, “drink water, eat rice…” so now I’m looking at a stomach flu and toasts for a few days.

Chris was making fun of me asking if I was going to weigh myself now. Uh yeah, I’m sure I lost a lot of weight on my new no-food-and-stay-close-to-a-restroom-at-all-times diet, but I wouldn’t recommend it!!


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