I decided this blog needed more pictures and videos. Since most of my blogging happens on my iPhone, photos are too long a process (take picture, turn on computer, upload to computer, upload to picasa, copy link, write posts, insert link)… But I found this blogging app (BlogPress) where I can write my blog and choose pictures or videos from my phone and it will upload them to Picasa and YouTube for me so I don’t have to do any of the
middle steps! Sweet.

Anyway, here’s the video of Gabrielle’s high speed chase with the cats. Ok, it’s not so high speed, oh but it’s coming!!

Since Gabrielle is so happy outside we are now always outside! This weekend, oh man, we went to the grocery store, the park, the mission, the beach, the zoo, about 100 walks. We’re home for naps and that’s it! It’s exhausting for all of us, she fell asleep at 6pm instead of 7pm both nights! But she is just SO much happier out and about.

And she is such a hit, every one gushes about how cute she is. We have a hard time ordering take out at restaurants cause the cashiers are all waving and making silly faces and smiling at Gabrielle! Old, young, male, female, doesn’t matter… We had a couple of teenager girls swarm around us, they would not stop talking about how gorgeous Gabrielle was, it was so bad I was almost started to blush! Gabrielle is a crowd pleaser!

This one lady told her “are you going to be a bus driver?” and she explained to us she was a bus driver. Hum, you seem like a nice lady and the world needs bus drivers, but NO. Gabrielle is not becoming a bus driver, ok! Say something like a doctor, an engineer… But bus driver?! What kind of goal is that?


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