2 weeks

Two weeks. That’s how much time I have left to buy all my Christmas presents if I want to be done before Thanksgiving! And I have a good chance of making it this year, my shopping is well under way.

And by that I mean I shopped only for my niece Molly and for every one item I bought her I bought 3 items for Gabrielle “as a Christmas present” (my excuse for buying her anything and everything these days).

What’s that? Adults want gifts too?! Shoot. I may have to readjust my completion status from “well under way” to “spent my entire Christmas budget on gifts for the kiddos”.

Just kidding. Like I ever make budgets, ha! Seriously though, I just bought Chris’s present this morning, so I feel there’s hope.

I did ask my brother and my dad what they wanted. The first said “world peace” and the other said “a vacation.” Completely unhelpful, the bunch of them. That’s it, they are all getting clothes!

Anyway, TGIF. Happy Friday everyone!


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