If you were wondering, 132 was also my number last Tuesday. I think I must have lost 5 lbs last week because by Sunday, I was about to faint! I felt so weak and totally drained. Chris brought me to Chipotle for lunch where I chugged a root beer (ah! sugar!) and felt instantly a million times better. Then I proceeded with my giant burrito. Followed by a big healthy homemade dinner Sunday night, big lunch Monday, and big dinner Monday night. I guess all the big meals brought me back to 132, but at least I feel alive again!

Gabrielle took the formula like a champ yesterday! I told my mom to try giving her a bottle with 100% formula just in case she takes it, although I read most babies refuse it at first and you have to progressively add more formula to breastmilk to get them to take it. But not my baby! She is not picky it seems. My mom said Gabrielle took one sip and looked really surprised, but after some vocal reinforcement she just took the bottle back and chugged the whole thing, no complaints. I hope this translates to food later on!


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