A full Sunday

On Saturday I was really scared of this whole time change thing. If she gets up at 5am on most days, what is it going to be when we go back one hour?! I don’t want to wake up at 4am! She wouldn’t nap until 5pm on Saturday, which was convenient. I figured she got a late nap, she’ll go to bed probably an hour later than usual, wake up an hour later than usual… She’ll be all adjusted!

Wrong. She did go to sleep an hour late. Aaaaaaand she woke up at 4am anyway. Sigh. I fed her and held her to try to get her back to sleep, and she sort of snoozed until near 5am. Then I wanted pancakes so we headed out to the store to do our grocery shopping for the week and get ingredients for pancakes. Sadly shopping for groceries ridiculously early on Sunday mornings is not a first for us. But guess what?! Our neighborhood 24hrs grocery store changed to 6am-2am. What?! No!!!

We then thought of iHop. We drove by, but doesn’t open until 6. Finally we ended up at Denny’s. That was a harsh reminder than Denny’s does not make good pancakes. Anywho. After that, back home, fed the baby, she had a cat nap, we went grocery shopping, then another cat nap, then laundry and playing, then another cat nap. And it’s only 11am. Days are long when you start at 4am!

We ended up downtown for an errand and Chipotle for lunch, then the zoo. Gabrielle loved it! We weren’t sure she’d look for the animals, but she seemed to see and follow them.

Other than that, I made a big decision today. This is about breastfeeding, so if you don’t want to read it, vamoose!

Ok. So. We will start introducing formula. My goal was to make it to 6 months on breastmilk only and then see from there. I’m really proud of myself to making it (really really close) to 6 months, and it’s been HARD work.

At first I had to pump 3 times a day at work (at 20 minutes per session, goodbye lunch breaks!), then soon after that I had to pump in the morning after feeding her to get that little extra she needed during the day. Then on weekends. And recently I had to start pumping at night after she goes to bed too. It is exhausting! Not to mention the stress of always worrying if there will be enough for tomorrow, enough extra to save for a rainy day, etc.

Recently I’ve been so tired and stressed, I realized something’s gotta give. I was wondering if I should cut my work hours, but that’s not a reality for me. And then I thought, hey, let’s
cut on the one duty I hate most, pumping.

So the new plan is: breastfeed morning, evening and night, pump 3 times per day at work, but drop all that extra pumping at home. We’ll supplement those few ounces with formula instead. That’s the plan until Christmas. After Christmas she’ll be 7 months old, I may reduce to pumping only once or twice per day at work. My new goal: making it to one year with 50% breastmilk, 50% formula. I know it’s not as good as 100% breastmilk as recommended by pediatricians, but you know what? It’s good enough.


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