The candy bowl

A long long time ago, we had a bunch of leftover candy sitting in our pantry and I decided to put it in a bowl on my desk at work to get rid of it.

Once the bowl was empty, I refilled it with new candy. That I purchased with my own money and the goodness of my own heart. I don’t eat any of it, it’s for everyone.

Pretty much all the people on my team are Indian and so they all have that in common. Not to mention they are mostly all guys and I’m the only girl. I stick out like a sore thumb. I know I have a tendency to keep to myself and be all business, so I think the candy bowl is a good tactic to appear friendly and approachable. And I like being the candy girl.

Ok, that being said. I discovered that my team has a huge sweet tooth for chocolate. A bowl full of hard candy will last me months, a bowl of bite-size chocolate maybe 2 days. Now, I don’t know about you, but spending my whole paycheck to buy other people chocolates is not my idea of a good time. So I pace it. Mix a few chocolates with a bunch of hard candy. The chocolates all disappear in one day, then I wait a few days to add more. No one complains, hey, it’s free. If you don’t like it, don’t take it.

I would think in this situation that social rules would dictate it would be rude to complain to candy girl that her free candy isn’t satisfactory to your individual desires. Then comes my boss’s boss, let’s call him head honcho. Head Honcho comes in every day he’s in town (thankfully he travels a lot), digs in the bowl thru and thru for chocolates and if he doesn’t find any he sighs and says “where’s the good stuff? This is all the cheap stuff! No one’s gonna take any of this, it’s just going to sit there forever. What, you have a baby now, you can’t afford to feed us anymore?”

Excuse my French, but dude, what the hell?! It pisses me off to the Nth degree!


One thought on “The candy bowl

  1. Here is my recommendation.

    Add an extra bowl, label it “For Head Huncho only”. Put one fancy candy in it. Tell him you’ll replace with a new one every day at the end of the day before leaving the office. Make sure it is a fancier candy than the rest of the crowd. If he found the bowl empty, it is for the following few possible reasons:

    1) he consumes more than one a day, not good for his health

    2) someone else is thinking is the head huncho

    3) the candy girl is sick or in vacation or running out of fancy candy or too busy.

    This will control your cost.

    This will highlight his behavior. He will see that.

    And you will get extra credits for management capabilities including budget control.

    It is a win win of a difficult case.

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