Toes in the mouth

I know, I know, I keep promising you Halloween pictures an here I am posting again with no pictures. I just haven’t had free time at home to do it yet, you know, busy at work + baby, I don’t get much done at all these days. Just ask my mom what our apartment looks like. Not good. And that novel of mine? Yeah, it has 2 paragraphs and I think it will stay that way. Chris was surprised I even started at all. Let’s think of it not as a failed novel but as a really short successful short story.

Anyway, just a quick post to say that today I am wearing yet another size 4 pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. I have one pair that I’ve been wearing for a few weeks but these are a different brand and a little tighter. And they fit! Wooh! Yeah, no one cares, but I do.

Gabrielle is starting to sleep at night again, I am thanking my lucky stars. She also started sucking on her feet! Babies are weird.


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