I don’t know what ungodly voodoo magic I managed to do, but I ate so much candy this weekend and lost 1 lbs. Chris and I were hypothesizing that Reese’s peanut butter cups have the innate talent of making you feel disgustingly full despite their relatively small size, hence actually prohibiting you from eating anything thereafter. They should totally be considered a diet food! The Reese’s diet, it’s got a ring to it.

Yesterday I was really really tired after many nights of Gabrielle not sleeping combined with work stress insomnia. My boss said I might as well take a day off this week while our project is still in development (for like 1 more day) instead of later when the project will be live and we will need to watch it carefully. So I took today off. I took a long walk with Gabrielle this morning then dropped her off at my mom’s. I got a pedicure because I had a couple of toenails causing me pain and a haircut which I was totally dying for. After that I slept from 1 to 4!! Sweet.

Chris came home and we went out to vote. My first time voting, wooh! I feel so powerful. Then we picked up our little one, I skipped yoga cause I wanted to spend time with her, we made burgers and we went out for ice cream at McConnell’s cause it’s crazy hot outside.

Overall I very good day. I really wish I could reduce the number of hours I work. Today I took the day off and I really just wanted to spend it with Gabrielle, but I knew I had to rest. The crazy work project plus the baby not sleeping, it’s just been too much lately. But if I had time off like this more frequently, I’d be able to spend it with her instead of on restoring myself. One of my friends who worked at my company and had a baby in August just made the decision not to go back to work. I am jealous. Even if I know the stay-at-home mom thing is so not for me, I do wish I could maybe go to work late a couple of days per week to allow special time alone just me and her.

Oh well, wishful thinking.

Halloween pictures to come!


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