5 months!

Happy 5 month birthday to Gabrielle! Every month that goes by is just amazing. As adults we’re so used to life being static, month after month we have the same spouse, same job, same home, same talents, same abilities. Not much changes. (And don’t get me wrong, no change in jobs/home/spouse is a good thing!) But then you look at this little baby and for her, life one month is drastically different than life in the previous month.

Now she’s doubled in weight from her birth weight, she reaches out to grab things out of her reach (including whatever food I’m trying to bring from my hand to my mouth), she babbles, she gets excited when she sees the cats (and she loves talking to them!), she can stand up on hands and knees for a few seconds before tumbling over, and she has yet to learn to keep her tongue INSIDE her mouth for talking.

She is such a cute and happy (albeit also short-tempered and impatient) child. I know some babies are easier than her (you know, those babies that sleep all the time, or are content in their car seat/stroller for hours on end), but we feel so lucky to have such an awake present child. She is THERE and she’ll have you know it. Life is never dull with her!


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