Product review

I’ve seen a few blogs doing product review so I thought it would be fun to mention of few of a favorite baby products here.

We received a lot of books and honestly, we seem to be reading the same ones over and over while others are hiding. Last weekend, I picked a book I’d never read before and Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE it!

Jamberry by Bruce Degen. It makes as much sense as a Louis Amstrong song, but it is so much fun to read! It has such a natural cadence to it that you will find yourself talking like a crazy person-berry for an hour-berry after-berry. I don’t remember who gave it to us, but much love to him or her!

B is for Bear by Roger Priddy. Chris and I bought this one recently with a gift card we still had. Our first trip to Borders with Gabrielle! We bought it because again, I found a good cadence to it. Gotta love a book that just flows.

Baby blankets by Under the Nile. Got these as a gift and they are my ultimate favorite blankets. We never really proper swaddled Gabrielle, but I still wrap one of these around her (like swaddling but with her arms free) on cooler nights (a.k.a. most nights around here). We only have the 2 and I’m always sad when they are dirty! They’ve got just the right amount of stretch to let her move without getting too loose.

Ok, going to bed!


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