Slow down baby!

Gabrielle has been in Carter’s 6-9m since Labor Day roughly. Like every size upgrade, I thought “well she’s going to be in this size for a while, her growing’s gotta slow down at some point.” We are only one month later and guess what I busted out last week? That’s right, 9-12m. The girl is not even 5 months old yet, what a weed!

What’s more is that she ate like crazy last week (it took me a while to connect the dots about why I lost 3 pounds that week) and now she’s hibernating. She’s all 3-hour nap here and 12-hour night there. It’s insane. What is she going to wear by Christmas, 2T?! Maybe 5T by her first birthday?!

I wonder if I can fit her in her 6m Halloween costume on Halloween and her 9m Christmas outfits on Christmas day… So much for buying ahead!


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