Smart and stupid, that’s me!

Chris and I have been watching episodes from “The Universe”, a documentary tv series on the History channel. Last night we watched the episode about light-speed and learned something we both were really really surprised about. So we all know Einstein’s relativity theory about how space and time are intertwined and consequently, the faster you go the more time slows down. Well the GPS system has 24 satellite orbiting Earth at incredible speed, so much so that its clocks run slower than Earth clocks! Its software must do calculation to adjust to Earth time in order to correctly estimate your current position. Amazing, isn’t it?!

Now that you think I’m all smart for knowing that, let’s ruin that image of me with a tidbit of stupid. Yesterday as I was putting laundry away, I banged my head on the closet door frame really hard! I have a bump on my forehead now. So stupid!

Gabrielle is laughing now! (Not at me hitting my head, just in general) It’s rare, but I’ve heard a good chuckle a few times now. It just melts your heart it’s so cute! She’s also trying to stand up on all 4. She’ll get her knees under her, then lift her stomach so that her weight is on her elbows, then she pushes to lift off her elbows onto her hands, then BAM! She face plants or falls to the side. Ok, so she needs a little practice with balance 🙂 I grabbed a video of it, I’ll post it soon!


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