Chris corrected me, Dracula is from Romania, not Croatia. Apparently I not only know nothing about Croatia, I also know nothing about Dracula. Oops!

Last night I decided to do something crazy. After Gabrielle went to sleep (at 9), I went out for a beer with my cousin and some friends!! It was a lot of fun talking with friends I don’t get to see much anymore, especially NOT talking about babies (for the most part), and at 11pm I called it a night. Don’t want to go too crazy now.

I was begging for last night to be another sleep-thru-the-night occurrence to make due for my uber late 11pm rockstar bedtime, but no such luck. Leave it to Gabrielle to be the least accommodating possible! She woke up once at midnight and once at 3:30am where I had to rock her back to sleep for one hour. Ah, but we love her anyway 🙂

Chris has a paper accepted for a conference in Australia in December. Normally everyone would fight to go to the conference. This time Chris, the co-author, and the advisor are all fighting cause no one wants to go! It’s nice trip for sure but Chris doesn’t want to leave Gabrielle for a week (around or on his birthday no less), the co-author thinks he’ll have visa problems, and the advisor’s wife is pregnant and due in January. Who will draw the short stick and be forced to go, I don’t know!


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