Long week

It’s been a long week and I’m glad it’s Friday. Some people have Monday off for Columbus day, but not me… so sad. I did notice though that while we usually have 2 and a half days off for Thanksgiving, this year they gave us the whole 3 days, Wed-Friday. Nice! I think I may just take Monday and Tuesday off too, let’s see what I can do with a whole week!

While my mind is roaring with traveling ideas, let me mention that I saw a thing about Croatia on MSN this morning. Have you ever seen pictures of Croatia? It’s gorgeous!! I had no idea! The only thing I associated with Croatia is Dracula. Go ahead, do a Google Image search, do it! As soon as they legalize horse tranquilizers for flying babies, we’re going.

Chris almost ate a spider yesterday. We were taking a walk and he was showing Gabrielle some pretty flowers when suddenly I see a giant spider right at his face level. I grabbed him when his face was one inch away and pulled back, boy that was a close one! It was huge, I mean Gigantic with an upper case G, the size of a golf ball. He would have definitively dropped the baby if that thing had landed on his face! We both walked real slow careful not to step into any spiderwebs after that! We still get goosebumps just thinking about it.


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