Don’t hate me

If you were so inclined as to hate me for Gabrielle sleeping thru the night at 4 months with no sleep training efforts whatsoever, rest assured. It was a fluke. She spent all of last night whimpering. I don’t know if she was doing it in her sleep or if she was half awake, but I know I didn’t sleep at all constantly waiting in bed thinking “do I go get her, do I wait? is that crying? no, just whining?” I picked her up 2 or 3 times, not because she was full-on crying but just because I felt bad for her, she sounded like a kicked puppy. Poor teething baby!

I decided to try the “Plant vs Zombies” game on the iPhone. Oh man, it is seriously addictive! I may have gotten the baby so many times last night because it would give me an excuse to play it in the middle of the night. Hum, I’m rocking the baby, it’s 1am, what should I do with my free hand. Why, play Plants vs Zombies on my phone, great idea! Of course I end up so wound up from the game that I can’t fall asleep after the baby is down. Seriously, I need to find less interesting things to do in the middle of the night.


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