It’s true!

I exaggerate a lot and often, but when I said it was hot yesterday I was not! It was 102 when I was driving home from work at 5pm, my car said so! 102!!! In SB!!!!

Usually even on hot days it cools off at night, but tonight even with all the windows opened we can’t catch a break. My weather iPhone app says it’s 68 outside now but that’s a dirty lie, I’m sleeping in a sports bra cause I can’t conceive putting on a shirt and I hardly feel a hint of relief from the breeze!

We did catch a break last evening by going to the beach for an hour. The baby was miserable so I figured we could go take a walk at the beach where it is always colder! We went from 7 til 8pm in the dark and we were not the only ones with that idea, the boardwalk was quite happening. It was cooler, but I was comfortable in a tank top which – oh – never happened ever in all my time in California, let alone at 8pm!!

Apparently LA broke an all-time high with 113, and it was 107 in San Diego. My brother is in fresh Seattle for work, lucky dog!

I wonder if SoCal is experiencing spontaneous combustion?!


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