Miserable heat

For a girl who complains a lot when it’s cold (under 70), I am even more miserable when it’s hot (over 74). Thankfully for us (and you readers who have to hear me complain), Santa Barbara is pretty consistently pleasant.

This weekend however, not pleasant. It’s been H-O-T!! And you know what’s worse than heat? Taking care of a baby in the heat. Gabrielle has been miserable, she wants us to hold her but she’s too hot against us when we do. Then she looks at us reproachfully like “which one of you idiots turned up the heat?!” It’s not our fault, baby, I promise!

Having no A/C and no interest in owning one for the 6 hot days of the year, we found a few tricks to beating the heat: 1) Drove around in the cool a/c’ed car (which also helped the baby nap, 2-for-1, score!). 2) Went grocery shopping. 3) Put Gabrielle in what we titled “her poor man’s kiddie pool” (ok, it was her bath tub with cold water). 4) Walk outside a lot (after the heat of the afternoon) to escape the heat trap (apartment). I’m hoping the walking burnt off my pizza, muffins, chocolate croissant, and frozen yogurt. Oh yeah, which brings me to 5) Eat ice cream, 6) don’t cook a single meal at home, and 7) eat cereal for dinner!

I don’t know if it’s the heat or what, but the little rascal woke up at 4:30am on Saturday and 5:30 on Sunday. And I don’t mean woke up like “oh she ate then went back to sleep”. No. She was awake for the day!! At 4:30am I wanted her to understand it wasn’t day yet and most definitively not ok to be awake yet so I kept all the lights off (also because Chris was out at school until 2am both nights). She didn’t mind tough, she sat on my lap and stared at the nightlight and babbled and smiled until 6 when I deemed it ok to turn on the lights. Gabrielle vs lesson learned: 1-0.


One thought on “Miserable heat

  1. I used to do the same thing with keeping it dark when Anna would wake up really early like that. They don’t seem to care. I hope that she grows out of it like Anna has been doing.

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