Good news

Good updates on all accounts today: I’m feeling tons better and Chris doesn’t have to work this weekend!

I’m still sick and you can tell by the mountain of tissues I leave in my wake and my retarded horse voice. But for the most part, I feel a million times better today than yesterday.

Chris’ paper deadline was not extended. They didn’t finish their paper on time so that’s too bad, but the work is never lost. They will simply finish the paper later and submit it to a different conference. That means he “doesn’t have to work” this weekend which of course means he only has a work a normal amount!

It’s crazy hot here in Santa Barbara! Gabrielle is still fighting off a little fever which I’m sure is just the result of all the germs going around these parts lately, but with a day like today it’s hard to say whether she has a tiny fever or she’s just normal hot like the rest of us. It’s a sweaty kind of day, especially when she requires us holding her!

Being at home sick Thursday and Friday I allowed some indulgences: a daily fruit smoothie and banana blueberry muffin from Daily Grind. Then I ordered pizza last night with slow pulled pork, BBQ sauce and pineapples! Chris doesn’t like that one much so I got it since he was out late and it was too hot to cook (yeah, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). This morning we relived a classic because by that point muffins were just old news, we got chocolate croissants! WHAT?! I’m sick, I need calories to get better!

(What’s that? I’m confusing vegetables and calories again?! Darn it!)


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