Useful lessons

You guys, this isn’t even funny, I’m totally dying! Ok not dying, but I’m pretty sure something died in my sinuses and my body is trying to figure out what to do with it. My chest is trying to escape entirely, while my voice decided the best defense tactic was so sound like a deaf sea lion.

I ended up taking yesterday off and I will do the same today too. I really wanted to go in the office cause I hate to disappear and leave my team hanging. And I hate to waste my PTO on sick days! But Chris gave me a stearn talk about my health and its impact on breastfeeding the baby and that me taking time off is what’s best for the baby indirectly. Well howdidoo, ok then, another day off, wooh! I just wish I could spend it shopping or something.

Gabrielle is not giving me any breaks. We both woke up at 7am the last 2 days and that was heavenly, but last night she woke up twice and she was up at 5:45am this morning. Lovely! At least my mom is here to help so I can nap during the day. I don’t know how I would have lived thru this otherwise! Of course she’s not immuned to our “charm”, she was feeling a little off yesterday. I hope she won’t catch this horrible cold!

To top off an already bad situation, Chris has a paper due tonight at midnight. This implies that he will be out past midnight tonight. And as usual his advisor will manage to get the deadline extended by a couple of days at the last second, which means Chris probably won’t be home all weekend. Extensions are great for the work, horrible for the workers. He is really sorry to leave me to fend for myself with the baby while sick, but I tell him to do what he’s got to do! I know this isn’t easy for him either.

I am learning a bunch of life lessons here though, like how to blow your nose one-handed while breastfeeding, how to plug up your nose with tissues so that it doesn’t drip into the baby’s bathtub when you bend over to clean her, and how to sneeze silently to not wake up the baby sleeping on your chest. All useful things!


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