Good things happen in threes

As it turns out, bad things happen in threes too. Chris got sick, Gabrielle got sick… guess who’s sick now? (Points thumbs to self) This lucky lady, that’s who!

Yep, it’s my turn to get a visit from the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. I got pollution (or is it disease?) in my nose, death in my throat, war in my head, and famine in my stomach (in that I’m not hungry at all). So I am working from home today. And blogging. But mostly working, I promise!

I saw an article saying that the tarantulas have started their migration from Santa Barbara to their nesting grounds in the Santa Ynes valley. I didn’t even know we had tarantulas in SB, but apparently you can see quite a few during this migration period if you happen to be on their path. Chris’ previous landlady said one year she had tons on her long driveway in the mountains. And to think I walked there, creepy!

Tell me, is it wrong that I want to buy boy clothes for Gabrielle sometimes? Girls have a lot of cute options, but sometimes you just get sick of the same stuff! Plus I feel like often the girl clothes don’t have any “edge.” You get soft hues and belittling nicknames like “angel” and “princess.” The boy section gets “Rock star”, dinosaurs, robots and fire-breathing dragons (and sometimes a fire-breathing robot dinosaur). How come boys get all the cool stuff?! I don’t want to dress her as a boy, and I don’t want her to become some weirdo gender-confused girl… but I also don’t want her to be, how should I phrase this, submissive? Can clothes imply submissiveness?


3 thoughts on “Good things happen in threes

  1. Gabrielle being submissive? You must be joking. This has to stop. Right here and right now.

    We, boys, are real tire to be invaded. Women takes out money, our energy, our jobs. They decide what we should eat, where we should be and what we shall do with our free time.

    Every generation of women increase their control, pushing us into more and more submission and irrelevancy.

    The only thing we have left is our clothes.

    And now you want to take our clothes too?

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