4 month checkup

We had a doctor appointment this morning. Gabrielle is now 80th percentile on height (about 25 inches), 75th on weight (14 lbs 2 oz), and 40th on head size (30 cm). Last appointment she was 50th on height and weight and 10th on head, so lots of growing all around!

She hitting all her milestone on time or a little early so that’s good too. The doc says we don’t have to start food until she reaches 6 months. Everywhere I read they say 4-6 months and I was wondering if the doc would instruct us to start now. Honestly I’m a little glad he said to wait, food sounds exciting but I think we’re overwhelmed enough with all the changes already going on!

She got 80 gazillion more vaccines today. She was all smiles with the nurse…. until she got poked in the leg! She stopped crying when the nurse was done and I picked her up, but she was still giving the nurse a dirty look like “hey, I thought you were nice but you’re not! You’re mean!”

She was back to smiling when we got home, and now she’s asleep. I bet she will sleep most of the afternoon!


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