Another weekend away

Gabrielle slept a little better last night, but guess who didn’t? Me. Chris is sick and was making all kinds of nasty sick noises all night. I bet I didn’t suffer alone though, sick sleep is never good sleep. Poor Chris!

At 2am I decided to sleep on the couch to distance myself from the breathing germ distributor (Chris), where I spent the rest of the night awake enough to realize I was really cold but never awake enough to take action on it. Don’t you hate that?!

This morning I have a mommy group meeting, but after that Gabrielle and I are hauling ourselves to my parents house for the weekend to avoid catching anything from Chris. I feel horrible leaving him alone to take care of himself while sick, but I don’t want Gabrielle to get sick on top of this demanding growing period she’s having. And I don’t want to get sick either because my boss is out of town for 3 weeks and that means we all have to pick up the slack in the office. Well that, and I also don’t want to get sick cause being sick sucks! Duh!

Ok, not all is bad news. Gabrielle is brightening up every day! The nights might be rough, but it’s seriously crazy she’s growing up so fast. She’s bigger and taller than other babies we know that are a month older than her, altough my mom and I measured her and she’s not that out of ballpark in percentile. I guess maybe we just know small babies?! She just skipped right over the 6 months clothes and now fits pretty comfortably in 9 months. She wore 6m for what, like 3 weeks?! Ridiculous. And she’s smiling so much more too! She was always happy in the morning before, but then she’d look pretty bored with you the rest of the day. Now she still has plenty of smiles left for me when I get home at 5:30 and that’s totally new and guess what? It makes all those bad nights worth it!

Oh, and for the last 2 weeks my friend Jenny’s husband has been away so she’s been inviting me and another friend of hers with a baby over for dinner. Gabrielle gets to play with little Maya who is exactly one month older than her. Maya is pretty aware of Gabrielle, Gabrielle is not so aware of Maya yet! She looks at Maya a little bit, but as far as she’s concerned Maya might as well be another annoying cat. Oh well, the playdates will get only more and more interesting!

Have a good weekend everyone! Wish us luck for not getting sick, and wish Chris a prompt recovery!


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